What Will You Use
To Get Out?


1. How can I book "Let Me Out" game?

Game booking is available at rooms and online. Before you can do so, you are required to read and accept Terms & Conditions.

2. Can I book two rooms at once and compete with my friends?

Yes. As long as the rooms will be available on approximately the same hour, i.e. room one at 10:00, room two at 11:15.

3. We have booked our game for 15:00. What time should be arrive at place?

Please be around 15 minutes prior the game. We need to share the rules with you!

4. I am not local, can I play using my mother tongue?

Our games are designed to not require any language expertise. As long as you can think in your own and name all items, you should be good to go!

5. I got a voucher for your game — how can I redeem it?

Please pick "VOUCHER" type when booking a room or come with it straight to our place. Vouchers are valid for 3 months since the purchase date.

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