What Will You Use
To Get Out?

What is Let Me Out?

Let Me Out is a new form of entertainment involving the use of your skills, such as cleverness, perceptiveness and intelligence. The aim of the game is to escape from the room by using clues and puzzles hidden there. The game is scheduled for teams of 2-4 people, but if you are very adventurous – you can take the challenge individually. We have prepared for you two separate, completely different rooms filled by different stuff and original sets of riddles. Each item can be a clue so analyze everything what you can see around you.

The screen counts down the time. You have 45 minutes to wade through a series of riddles and puzzles hidden in the room. The goal is obvious but not so simple – find the key and get out of the room.

The level of excitement rises up because of the puzzles that you have to decipher . Remember, the time is passing by quickly, which works to your disadvantage!

Let Me Out is not just a game, it is an interesting experience combining the most important features of your personality that may lead you to the strengthening of your teamwork. The game is suitable for people being any age. Persons under 16 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult.

Be careful — Let Me Out is addictive!

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