What will you use
to get out?



Let me Out – Nothing is as it seems!

The doors are closing, the clock begins to tick, and you're in a room full of weird objects. Everything tells you're in one of our room of riddles, and the only thing you know – it takes a lot to get out. You have to show your cleverness, perceptiveness, creative thinking, versatility and first of all – teamwork abilities. Perhaps you will make it but it's not an easy job.

There are plenty of riddles and the time is running out!

Escape rooms is one of the best place to spend your free time in uncommon way. There's no place for boredom. You're being surprised all the time, time's running out unrelentingly, everything is going on really fast… Can you imagine more interesting and unusual place for an afternoon with your friends? Face the challenge and get yourself locked in a room where reality is far different from what you've known so far…

Escape room – perfect idea for your bachelor party

Your friend is going to get married soon and you want to arrange an unforgettable evening? Or maybe your best friend will soon become a Mrs. and you want to make sure that her last moments as a bride will remain for a long time in her memory? Let me Out guarantees you an amazing adventure, huge thrill and exceptional memories. Escape room is a fantastic way to spend your bride/bachelor party. And here's why:

  • Let yourself locked in a room without a key – it doesn't happen everyday
  • Clock ticking over your head it's a real thrill
  • Possibility to show your cleverness, perceptiveness, creativity and intelligence
  • Teamwork which allows you to know your friends better – their strong and weak points
  • Room of riddles – number of potential solutions equals the number of people attending – it will be interesting!

Let me out invites for a common play! – Will you be smarter than us?

from 110 PLN / group

for 60 minutes of pure fun
Book now!

Accept the challenge,
try to get out!

Groups of 2 to 6 people
(depending on the room)

3 locations in Poland

16 rooms to choose from

Let me Out – business offer.

Integration parties with Let me Out

Good employees need to be appreciated, new ones need to be motivated to work. Company is not just an office with a working place. It's the people who work for your common success. Mutual play can be a good chance to get to know each other better, and as well to intensify your relationship on neutral ground.

We'll arrange an integration party for you. How are we going to do that? You don't need to come to our place – we'll visit you with the game prepared. We'll change your office within a moment into an escape room, and then we'll lock you up, previously separating you in teams. You need to cooperate, solve our riddles and finally find a key. Which team will be able to do that?

Escape room in your company

  • Awesome fun
  • Team working
  • Integration
  • Developing of creativity and analytical thinking
  • Invaluable motivation for better job involvement
How about mutual play outdoor? We arrange escape games during outdoor company meetings. Participants will be locked in especially prepared containers, with a lot of riddles and mysterious puzzles. That means escape room outdoor!

Escape games in promo campaigns

Good advertisement is much more than showing your range of products – it's a way get new customers with just your brand. You need to show a lot of creativity to get them focused on you. Let me Out support companies in their advertising & marketing activities. We'll make participants of our play won't forget about you and your brand. Solving puzzles, surprising twists and mutual play – that's the way we do it. We don't know the word impossible, we're only restricted by imagination which is our case is unlimited. Specially prepared puzzles will encourage your customers to get more involved in your offer. You'll show your creativity, out-of-box thinking, and passion which bring many more customers. We're fun, surprising and addictive. Trust in Let me Out – trust in us!

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