What Will You Use
To Get Out?





Offer yourself a challenging experience and invite your friends for a very special game.
Take a journey to a place where you have never been before and discover one magical place
in the heart of Central Europe. Are you ready to be surprised?

99 zł / group

for 60 minutes of pure fun


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Accept the challenge,
try to get out!

Groups of 2 to 4 people

9 locations in Poland

25 rooms to choose from

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For companies

Games for employees and partners

Let Me Out is also a place to create entertaining games for business client. These are mostly in-office games or outgoing games on training trips, which guarantee excitingly spent time, effective team building, but mostly integrate in following company strategy.


Promotional campaigns

Let Me Out games are great to fulfill promotional and marketing campaigns for a wide range of products and services. Show your offer in a non-casual style! What limits you with Let Me Out is imagination. Allow us to prepare puzzles that will help you accomplish your goals.


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Searching for a unique present, mysterious giveaway or an
unforgettable gift? We might have something for you …

Send your friends, colleagues or family to Let Me Out and our team will do what it does best. a simple voucher will send them on a 60 minute-journey of surprise and suspense. We propose you a gift that allows you to astound anyone you’d like to surprise.

We are working on online voucher store functionality.
Please contact our office in any location for purchasement.

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Bydgoszcz Gdańsk Katowice Kraków Lublin Poznań Sosnowiec Warszawa Wrocław

Bydgoszcz, ul. 3 Maja 5/1
+48 888 204 060 
Gdańsk, ul. Spichrzowa 28
+48 730 949 223 
Katowice, ul. 3 Maja 18 / ul. Wawelska 1/2
+48 730 929 172 
Kraków, ul. Józefa Szujskiego 6/4
+48 788 556 150 
Poznań, ul. Zamkowa 4/3
+48 886 330 960 
Sosnowiec, ul. Modrzejowska 6
+48 795 005 505 
Warszawa, ul. Wojciecha Górskiego 3/17
+48 788 481 503  +48 504 062 339 
Wrocław, ul. Odrzańska 24-29/4
+48 724 426 431 
Let Me Out sp. z o.o.
ul. Ryszarda Wagnera 12 lok. 1
52-129 Wrocław
NIP: 899-274-73-14
REGON: 022263171
Numer KRS: 0000586695
e-mail: biuro@letmeout.pl
tel: +48 666 601 910
office hours: mon-fri 9-17 cet

tel: +48 784 715 187
office hours: mon-fri 9-18 cet

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